Dear Logitech

Dear Logitech/Apple/makers of mice and keyboards,
As a software engineer, I've realized the importance of using good, comfortable input devices pretty early in my career. I've decided that I'm ready to spend whatever it takes to buy such devices before I'm forced to do so by RSI. Unfortunately, the current selection of keyboards and mice don't quite make the cut. (All wireless, of course. Who needs wires?) Here's my wishlist for the holiday season

  1. A full sized Bluetooth mouse. Please, for god's sake! Bluetooth does not imply portability, or at least it doesn't always need to. It does however mean one less USB receiver to worry about.
  2. A truly "unified" product range. Right now, the Performance MX and the G700 use different receivers, different charging cables and more importantly, different software.
  3. Better Macbook support. The Performance MX has software for the Mac but the G700 does not. At the same time, the G700 can work as a wired mouse while the Performance MX cannot. Why is this relevant to Macs? Because they have only two USB ports. I need to use both ports while charging the Performance MX, one for the charger and one for the receiver. WTF?
  4. Keyboards/mice that can pair with multiple devices at once. Most people have multiple devices, (including tablets) if not multiple computers. The Logiteck K810 is the step in the right direction (and has great reviews on Amazon so far), so how about a mouse that can do the same?
  5. (Update) Had one more item on the wishlist. Batteries instead of charging with a wire! (and better battery life to go with it) The Apple Wireless Keyboard has outstanding battery life (lasting several months!), and is a truly wireless experience. Compare that to a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse that has to be charged every few days and ends up being permanently wired in the process :|