Something better than nothing?

It's been more than eight month since I posted something here. Eight bloody months. This in spite of several jobless periods in those eight months including one week of doing absolutely nothing at home in Ernakulam. Clearly, blogging is not my cup of tea. Or maybe it's just twitter getting all those lines popping up in my head. Add to that my extreme laziness and this state of the blog is quite expected. Well, i've decided not to be too fancy or creative and at least post things that come easily to me, namely reviews and football. I had started putting my restaurant reviews on Burrp! (one great site) as i'm pretty sure they would get more readers there than on my blog :) I might duplicate some of it, but I guess having some updates here is better than having none at all. Also hoping to come up with a post for Real Madrid's almost unreal transfer season. The Galacticos are back baby! :)

PS: I contribute on Burrp! with the username "rohitnair"