The Eagle is Down

Yahoo! FireEagle is finally dead. One of those little loved Yahoo! products that was way ahead of it's time (Pipes being the obvious other example). I actually loved the way it integrated with several location based services like Dopplr and Brightkite. I even had a small widget on my blog powered by it. I used to track all my trips on Dopplr, which would in turn update FireEagle. Another service called EagleFeed consumed this location from FireEagle and exposed it as an RSS feed. I then had a simple widget that would consume the RSS feed and populate the "Currently At" widget on my blog. This widget would, of course, automatically update whenever I actually made a trip that I had recorded on Dopplr. The whole thing was surprisingly stable and worked flawlessly all these years without a single change. The RSS feed end point actually still appears to work with possibly a cached copy of the data. I guess it's finally time to kill the widget.

PS: Yahoo! "Paranoids" probably know why the domain was hosted off instead of :)