Would you use airbnb?

Airbnb is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. And also a billion dollar valuation. For those who don't know, it's a service which allows you to "book" rooms/houses/couches as if they were hotel rooms. The difference being that you pay a real person, not a business. And sometimes, this person is living in that same apartment and acts as a host. I personally used it because hotels in San Francisco are mostly too expensive, and living with a host would have given me access to valuable local information.

As someone who's used airbnb, I've tried to explain the concept to quite a few people. Most people were surprised at the idea that someone could rent out their room to a complete stranger. Which brings us to the topic of reviews on airbnb. Now that I look back, I realize that I'd seen only positive reviews (I must mention that hosts can review their guests too. And yes, I got reviewed as well) Doesn't this boil down to the fact that you're reviewing real people and their homes and not evil, private businesses? Aren't most people nice? At least when you're paying them? For example, I saw this in one of the reviews on airbnb
"He had two tiny problems we had to work with, the shower head was awful and one of the windows wouldn't fully close"
"Look past the window and shower and everything is amazing and perfect."

Would people have "looked past" such things had it been a hotel? You can in fact see hundreds of negative reviews of hotels on sites like Tripadvisor for much less. The Wi-Fi in my room was broken for a couple of days, but I still ended up giving a mostly positive review. Had it been a hotel, I probably would have whined and cursed them all day. And written bad things about them on Twitter/Yelp/Tripadvisor/every goddamn site I could find.

People are just too nice to say bad things about a person and his home, especially in public. For this reason, I feel airbnb's review system is flawed. Or rather, the idea is right, but people are just not straightforward enough to use the system right. At the same time, you need to be considerably open-minded to use a service like this, both as a host and a guest. Maybe that translates to more flexibility and lower expectations, and in turn more positive reviews.